Pre-Orientation is a great way for incoming first year students to get accustomed to WashU and St. Louis before classes start. Pre-O programs run from Sunday evening to Wednesday night before the official first year move in on Thursday before classes start. Pre-O programs do cost money, however scholarships are available to cover the program cost.

Habitat for Humanity hosts a Pre-O that focuses on WashU students’ relationship with St. Louis. We explore the city through the lens of volunteer work and get students to think critically about their future college experience, while still having fun! First year students will have a chance to get involved at a Habitat build site, learn some history of St. Louis, get acquainted with WashU, and connect with upperclassmen involved with Habitat that can share their experiences on academics and the community at WashU.

We hope that all first year students consider participating in a Pre-O program. For more information on how to sign up, please visit the First Year Center website!