Our campus chapter constantly raises money that we donate to Habitat St. Louis at the end of the school year.  Check out our many fundraisers and give back to St. Louis!

Donut Fundraisers


Habitat tables in the DUC during the day and in BD at night to sell John’s Donuts.  Alongside these,  occasional whiteboard campaigns can be a free way to raise awareness on Habitat’s concerns. We sell donuts about once a month, so find our table and bring your bear bucks or cash!

Washington University Build Challenge (WUBC)


WUBC is an event that normally happens on a Saturday afternoon during fall semester on the Swamp in the South 40. Students are given cardboard, duct tape, and exacto knives and are expected to construct creative structures that are then judged by Habitat exec. Gift card prizes are awarded to the most creative teams!

Trivia Night


Trivia Night is our biggest fundraiser of the school year and typically occurs in the spring semester. Students participate in teams of 3-10 and compete in rounds of trivia. Food, entertainment, and raffles are provided! The winning teams earn gift cards for local businesses.