Habitat build image

Build Details

Builds are a great way to not only get involved and venture outside of the WashU Bubble, but to also gain valuable volunteering experience and construction skills. During a build, you will be working hands-on alongside other WashU students and experienced volunteers to help construct a decent, affordable house for people in need. There is no experience necessary!

  • Builds usually take place from 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM (excluding travel time) on Saturdays
  • We will order lunch to be delivered to the build site. Please bring $3 or your own packed lunch
  • Transportation will be provided to and from the build site
  • Up to 10 WashU students participate in each build
  • Please make sure to dress appropriately! The builds can get a bit messy (i.e. when painting) or a bit chilly when outdoors. You must wear closed-toe, close-heeled shoes (tennis shoes work great). Safety equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, etc. will be provided at the build site.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a reusable water bottle to the build site
  • There’s a variety of different things you could be working on. You will generally be working alongside other experienced volunteers who will teach you how to build a house.

ReStore Details

Besides builds, we also host ReStore volunteer days! The ReStore is a used-goods warehouse that sells donations for the St. Louis community. The ReStore covers many of the administrative costs of Habitat St. Louis and benefits from volunteers organizing, cleaning, and unloading donations from trucks! Volunteering at the ReStore can often be as physical as at a build site, so please bring a water bottle and wear closed-toe shoes! These days will also occur on Saturday, however, they are shorter than builds (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, excluding travel).